Beat Company


Street dance is an umbrella term used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in spaces such as streets, parties, clubs etc. They are often improvisational and social... read more


There are four primary elements that form breakin. These include toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes/suicides. This involves footwork, floorwork and acrobatic moves... read more

Flips n Tricks

Flips n Tricks is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. The main purpose of the discipline... read more

about Beat

BEAT started in September 2004, the first street dance crew to open in Bournemouth. They made their West End debut in 2007 & have since competed in the British street dance championships... read more


BEAT was the first street dance crew to open in Bournemouth, now in its 9th year. Our annual show provides a platform for all the pupils to have the opportunity to perform... read more

events & Parties

Book BEAT for your event no matter how large or small we have elite dancers ready to perform. Choose your style from street dance, break dance and Flips n Tricks or even all three... read more